Geotextile Non-Woven Factory in Indonesia for Stadium in Qatar, we will present some information for you about the application of non-woven geotextile in stadium. Non-woven geotextile is made with advanced technology wherein polymer fibers or filaments are pushed out and twisted continuously, blown or placed on a conveyor belt. Installation of non-woven Geotextile at the stadium is used as a protector as well as filtration. The purpose is that the geopipe embankment soil is not mixed with the field fill soil but can still drain water. While geopipe is a pipe that has the resistance to withstand the load of embankment soil. It can prevent puddles of water in open areas during and after rain.

There are three main functions in the use of non-woven geotextile in the field construction for stadium. The first is as a separator. It prevents the layers from mixing with each other. For example in the installation of stadium grass. The function of non-woven geotextile is to prevent soil particles from clogging drainage pipes. It works by separating soil and water particles that will be channeled through underground landfill pipes. The pipe prevents waterlogging in the field. Non-woven geotextile is shaped like a sheet of cloth with high puncture resistance. That shape makes non-woven geotextile follows the surface groove and is not easily damaged during use. Geotextile Non-Woven Factory in Indonesia for Stadium in Qatar is already available. We can help you with the installation of non-woven geotextile for the stadium field lining.

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The second function of non-woven geotextile is as a filter. The advantage of non-woven geotextile is that it can make water flow through the layers without the soil particles being dissolved. This criteria is very important when applied to drainage which requires no clogging of the drainage medium due to the accumulation of large amounts of loose soil particles. Geotextile Non-Woven Factory in Indonesia for Stadium in Qatar provides non-woven geotextile with high filtration rates and flexible materials. The last function is as a drainage. Drainage blockage is a construction failure. The cause is soil contamination or soft particles found in the water flow in the embankment pipe. Proper installation of non-woven geotextile can maximize the drainage function.

The steps for installing non-woven geotextile and grass layers on the stadium can be carried out by our experienced team. Geotextile Non-Woven Factory in Indonesia for Stadium in Qatar is available, we provide various types of non-woven geotextile with the best quality. The first is to make a drainage design. The second is the installation of non-woven geotextile, leveling is done with a slope of 0.5% for drainage. Then, the drain panel is installed and covered again with a layer of sand. The sand is first compacted using a stamper before the wet grass is planted. Next, make the coordinates of the grass installation point. The next is sodding process, namely peeling the grass into sheets of grass measuring 40 cm x 1.5 m. The final step is planting grass.

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