The best polyester non woven exporter in Indonesia from Urban Plastic has been recognized as a product that has high quality on the market. Our Polyester Non Woven product market is currently in Australia, New Zealand, America and Japan. This product is a synthetic fabric with pores and is impermeable to water. The high flexibility of this product can be used as subgrade stabilization in various civil projects. There are two types of geotextiles commonly used in construction projects: woven geotextiles and polyester non woven. The difference in these two types is most visible from the shape, for the woven polyester type has nets, while for the non woven polyester, it is shaped like a carpet.

Although this product has been widely used in various civil engineering projects in Indonesia, many are still not very familiar with this product. Polyester non woven is a type of geotextile that is not made by weaving (non-woven), but uses a thermal process, mechanical engineering, or a combination of automated techniques to chemical processes. In other words, to the type of woven fabric, the manufacturing process corresponds to the name, namely by weaving. The polyester non woven exporter in Indonesia by the Urban Plastic brand has been made using high-tech machines. The material used in making non-woven geotextiles comes from polyester fiber and polypropylene, which makes this product shaped like a carpet.

The Benefits of using product from Polyester Non Woven Exporter in Indonesia

With good material quality, the various advantages of polyester non woven exporter in Indonesia are also available in the market. Polyester Non-woven is very helpful in working on various development projects. For example, this material is widely used as a separator or road separator. In using the best this product as a road separator or separator, this material can strengthen soft soil. In addition, if the subgrade condition is good enough, polyester non woven material can be used as a separating layer between the embankment and the subgrade.

Then the polyester non woven exporter in Indonesia can also be used as filtration or filter. It aims to drain water from above to below the ground without carrying backfill particles. Thus the embankment soil will not be mixed with the subgrade.  In many cases, the polyester non-woven also functions as a wrapper for water or drainage pipes in the manufacture of waterways. The purpose of using this material is so that the soil does not enter the pipe hole so that the soil cannot enter the pipe hole, which makes the water flow clogged. This polyester non woven exporter in Indonesia material can also be referred to as a protective material.

Apart from drainage, this can also be applied to several other development projects such as in the sea, rivers, or wet areas, due to the nature of water that can erode various surfaces of solid materials. The Polyester Non Woven Exporter in Indonesia by Urban Plastic can be the right choice when we choose it, especially at a relatively low price with all the advantages that have been mentioned. When deciding to buy the best polyester geotextile, make sure to choose the urban plastic brand. you can also consult to get a product according to the specifications you need. Many material stores or distributors currently sell polyester non woven at competitive prices.

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